Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Favorites

Wednesday keeps sneaking up on me! Two weeks in a row I have been laying in bed late on Wed. night thinking, "Today was Wednesday, how did I go through the whole day and not realize what day it was?". Sorry I've been slacking on the Wordless Wednesdays.

Since I have pictures stacking up, here are a few pictures of Chandler's favorites these days.

Helping with laundry
(or whatever mommy is trying to do)

His paintbrush (aka one of mommy's old makeup brushes)

Climbing under kitchen chairs

New favorite face that makes me laugh every time

Mommy's brush

Playing with little figures on the floor, especially zooming around cars (post on that coming soon!)

Monday, June 27, 2011

A New Message

Chandler has a new message to show you.

He has been practicing his Scrabble skills and has been trying to refrain from eating them.

Getting a little practice.

Here we go...

"Hmm. I think that looks good"

"I'm not sure about this 'y', does it look okay?"



"The 'a' keeps sliding away."

"Mom, how do you spell Pappy again?"

"Oh yeah, look... I did it!"

In case you didn't catch it:
Happy Birthday Mammy and Pappy.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful parents, whose birthday's are 10 days apart.
We are thankful for you and can't wait to celebrate. 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Preschool Book Review


Preschool Book Review
All of these books were available at the BCS library. I reserved all of them hoping to weed through them and see which ones I liked. Here are my quick thoughts on each one.

-lots of fingerplays and action rhymes, great resource

-great resource and book list for different stages of development

-52 A to Z activities, great resource, includes arts/crafts, inside/outside play, dress up, book and video list, and theme snack ideas

Good resources to keep in mind for older years (2-6 year old)
-pictures and rhymes, lots on each page

-tons of book descriptions for nursery rhymes and picture books at different stages

-long book but lots of great information (importance of signing, reading, language development, touch, schedules)

-lots of basic/easy Montessori activities for 18mo to 2 years

-many fun basic math activities for a little older, 2 years

-arts and crafts for 3 to 7 year olds, supply list, directions/extentions, lots of everyday items

-LOTS of really fun creative ideas using everyday items, "no batteries, no plugs", ages 1-10, check out when older

-various classic stories all in one book

Teaching Montessori in the Home the Preschool Years by Hainstoc
-Short book, lots of easy to follow activities for ages 2-5, there are also another one like this one but for school years

Wouldn't spend time reading

Basic Montessori Learning Activities for Under Fives by Gettman
-like Teaching Monterssori but longer, I will probably get Teaching Montessori in the Home and if I need more ideas check out this one

Bright from the Start by Stamm
-lots of good info but very long and wordy

Montessori from the Start by Lillard
-too wordy for me

The Complete Resource book for Preschoolers by Schiller
-probably lots of good ideas, more for daycare/classroom setting, organized by schedule/activities for each day

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Girls Night

A little fun girls pizza night. 

I bought a box of frozen dough at Sam's (20 balls for around $15) and we went to town making individual pizzas. Everyone brought a few toppings and we all assembled our own. Yum. 

We had planned for it to be a pizza and craft night but we did alot of pizza and talking instead. It was wonderful. 









Monday, June 20, 2011

Graham Crackers

Bring out the crazy eater in Chandler.

Well, not just Graham Crackers but they are up there on his favorites list.

And let me tell you. He can make some kind of mess.











I don't want to forget all those crazy faces!

Such a fun animated eater. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Jun 14, 2011_2

This picture only captures a few reasons why we are thankful for Cody. We celebrate you today. Thank you for working so hard for our family and loving us so well. 

Happy Father's Day also to all the other wonderful father's in our lives. We appreciate you and love you. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Talking to Woody

A few weeks ago Parker came to play and I just found these pictures. We were talking to Jessie and Woody on the phone. Obviously they had some good news for us! 




Wednesday, June 08, 2011